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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Julie Adair King, 21 books
David D. Busch, 8 books
Jeff Revell, 8 books
Doug Sahlin, 5 books
Robert Correll, 4 books
David Busch, 3 books
Hove Foto Books, 3 books
Heiner Henninges, 3 books
Jeff Carlson, 3 books
NK Guy, 3 books
Gunter Spitzing, 2 books
Michael A. Guncheon, 2 books
Michaels, Richard., 2 books
Leonard Gaunt, 2 books
Thomas Maschke, 2 books
Christopher Grey, 2 books
Bob Shell, 2 books
Rob Sheppard, 2 books
Artur Landt, 2 books
Günter Spitzing, 2 books
Richard Hünecke, 2 books
Harald Francke, 2 books
Nicole S. Young, 2 books
Michael Corsentino, 2 books
Carl Shipman, 2 books


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