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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles L. Loprinzi, 4 books
Kris Carr, 3 books
Carolyn D. Runowicz, 2 books
Danielle Steel, 2 books
Michael L. Krychman, 2 books
Karen Bellenir, 2 books
Laura Geist, 2 books
J. Richard Smith, 2 books
John McGahern, 2 books
Susan Sorensen, 2 books
Stewart, Jean, 1 book
Penelope Austin, 1 book
Jeanne A. Petrek, 1 book
Ramy Gafni, 1 book
Cheryl Strayed, 1 book
Linda Blachman, 1 book
Kirsten E. Gardner, 1 book
Laird Roberts, 1 book
Micki Myers, 1 book
Nancy Lofstead, 1 book
Catherine Lord, 1 book
Michelle Sawyer, 1 book
Stacy Sims, 1 book
Leslie Barnwell, 1 book
Basil A. Stoll, 1 book


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