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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carl Pochedly, 5 books
Nancy Keene, 5 books
Daniel M. Green, 5 books
David W. Adams, 3 books
Robin Cook, 3 books
Hamish Wallace, 3 books
Ann Barrett, 2 books
Jan Van Eys, 2 books
Richard Kozar, 2 books
William L. Carroll, 2 books
Margot Joan Fromer, 2 books
Donna R. Copeland, 2 books
Philip A. Pizzo, 2 books
Jeanne Munn Bracken, 2 books
Genevieve V. Foley, 2 books
Dianne Fochtman, 2 books
Faith Gibson, 2 books
D. M. Parkin, 2 books
Leigh A. Woznick, 2 books
Ronald T. Brown, 2 books
Mark A. Chesler, 2 books
Lynda T. Young, 2 books
Derek Fisher, 2 books
Anat Calo-Lavron, 2 books
Brooke Desserich, 2 books


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