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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward Chu, 5 books
Georges Mathé, 5 books
Garth Powis, 3 books
Benjamin Bonavida, 3 books
Vincent T. DeVita Jr., 3 books
David Kessel, 2 books
Gail M. Wilkes, 2 books
Franco M. Muggia, 2 books
G. Giaccone, 2 books
R. Schilsky, 2 books
Beverly A. Teicher, 2 books
Ann L. Jackman, 2 books
H. M. Pinedo, 2 books
B.A. Chabner, 2 books
Bruce Chabner, 2 books
Richard J. Gralla, 2 books
Margaret Barton-Burke, 2 books
Beverly A. Teicher, 2 books
Peter Senter, 2 books
Ulrike Stein, 2 books
Peter M. Schlag, 2 books
Kristian Berg, 2 books
DeVita, Vincent T., Jr., 2 books
Alok Chandra Bharti, 2 books
Wiebke Solass, 2 books


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