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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clarence A. Boon, 4 books
Jack David, 4 books
James Deahl, 4 books
Stuart E. Jenness, 3 books
J. E. Bernier, 3 books
Robert Lecker, 3 books
Ellen Quigley, 3 books
Wilson MacDonald, 2 books
Donald Macintosh, 2 books
Yolande Dorion-Robitaille, 2 books
John Emerson Langdon, 2 books
Winnipeg Art Gallery., 2 books
Eric Hoffman, 2 books
Norris, 2 books
John Boyko, 2 books
Weber, Richard, 2 books
Spencer Dunmore, 2 books
Richard Pearce, 2 books
E. D. Blodgett, 2 books
Hugh MacLennan, 2 books
William H. New, 2 books
Marjolaine Saint-Pierre, 2 books
Lorraine McMullen, 2 books
Lorraine Mary York, 2 books
Dominick Grace, 2 books