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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Bird, 51 books
Terence Reese, 31 books
Ron Klinger, 16 books
Marc Smith, 15 books
Tim Bourke, 14 books
Andrew Kambites, 13 books
Barbara Seagram, 10 books
Julian Pottage, 9 books
Rhoda Lederer, 8 books
Martin Hoffman, 6 books
Zia Mahmood, 6 books
Sally Brock, 6 books
Mark Horton, 5 books
Danny Roth, 5 books
Linda Lee, 5 books
Hugh Walter Kelsey, 5 books
Pat Husband, 5 books
Jeremy Flint, 5 books
Brian Senior, 4 books
Raymond Brock, 4 books
Ben Cohen, 4 books
Maureen Hiron, 4 books
Roger Trezel, 4 books
Robert King, 4 books
Audrey Grant, 4 books


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