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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ralph M. Kovel, 5 books
Edward Fletcher, 4 books
Bud Hastin, 4 books
Carlo Sellari, 3 books
Arthur L. Umberger, 3 books
Lynn Blumenstein, 3 books
Pat Ferraro, 3 books
Paul Jeter, 2 books
Geoffrey Wills, 2 books
Richard E. Fike, 2 books
Marian Klamkin, 2 books
J. A. Herr, 2 books
Roy Morgan, 2 books
Marvin Davis, 2 books
Adele Reed, 2 books
Gordon Litherland, 2 books
Doris Joyce Unitt, 2 books
Stephen Van Rensselaer, 2 books
Helen McKearin, 2 books
Constance Avery, 2 books
Alan Schmeiser, 2 books
Dee Schneider, 2 books
Thomas, John L., 2 books
Cecil Munsey, 2 books
Robert F. Marx, 2 books


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