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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wendy Madgwick, 7 books
Theresa Greenaway, 7 books
Gwen Allen, 6 books
Kingsley R. Stern, 6 books
Joan Denslow, 6 books
T. Pullaiah, 5 books
W. J. Bean, 5 books
Shelley Jansky, 5 books
D. L. Clarke, 5 books
Andy MacKinnon, 5 books
Jim Pojar, 4 books
T. Pullaiaih, 4 books
Christopher S. Campbell, 3 books
Hector B. Lahitte, 3 books
Ray F. Evert, 3 books
Susan E. Eichhorn, 3 books
Elizabeth A. Kellogg, 3 books
Peter F. Stevens, 3 books
Ratikanta Maiti, 3 books
Pedro Wesche-Ebeling, 3 books
Julio A. Hurrell, 3 books
N. P. Taylor, 3 books
Julian Priddle, 2 books
Betty D. Duncan, 2 books
D. L. Hawksworth, 2 books


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