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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Beers, V. Gilbert, 34 books
Patricia L. Nederveld, 25 books
Mary Manz Simon, 20 books
Pauline Youd, 12 books
Marilyn Lashbrook, 10 books
Helen Rayburn Caswell, 8 books
Alan Parry, 7 books
Enid Blyton, 6 books
Sarah Fletcher, 6 books
Ruth Redding Brand, 6 books
Nick Butterworth, 5 books
Carolyn Larsen, 5 books
Ann Pilling, 5 books
Sarah Toast, 4 books
Patricia A. Pingry, 4 books
Selina Hastings, 4 books
Andy Holmes, 4 books
Miriam Chaikin, 4 books
Marty Rhodes Figley, 4 books
Heather Amery, 4 books
Katy Keck Arnsteen, 4 books
Daniel J. Hochstatter, 4 books
Rhona Pipe, 4 books
Warwick Hutton, 4 books
Laurent Lalo, 3 books


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