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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hailey Abbott, 8 books
John R. K. Clark, 5 books
Marc Tolon Brown, 5 books
Dana Meachen Rau, 4 books
Mark H. Dorfman, 4 books
Sandy Gingras, 4 books
Willard Bascom, 3 books
Parke Puterbaugh, 3 books
Jenny Han, 3 books
Steve Voake, 3 books
Stan Berenstain, 3 books
Harriet Ziefert, 3 books
Fran Manushkin, 3 books
Thatcher, George, 3 books
David Burnie, 3 books
Margret Rey, 3 books
Mercer Mayer, 3 books
Orrin H. Pilkey, 3 books
Erick Mikiten, 3 books
Boston Redevelopment Authority, 3 books
Stephen P. Leatherman, 3 books
Ritchie, William, 3 books
Robert Dolan, 2 books
Sonali Fry, 2 books
Margaret McNamara, 2 books


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