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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jonathan Carr, 3 books
Gottfried Wagner, 3 books
Brigitte Hamann, 3 books
Wagner, Wolfgang, 3 books
Jean Mistler, 2 books
Mayer, Hans, 2 books
Heinrich Porges, 2 books
Oliver Hilmes, 2 books
Nike Wagner, 2 books
Albert Lavignac, 2 books
Richard Wagner, 2 books
Geoffrey Skelton, 2 books
Frances A. Gerard, 1 book
Wolfgang Golther, 1 book
Joachim Bergfeld, 1 book
Nicola Bude, 1 book
Walter Bronnenmeyer, 1 book
Wafner, 1 book
Oswald Georg Bauer, 1 book
Sophie Rützow, 1 book
Uwe Faerber, 1 book
Wolfgang Wagner, 1 book
Cook, Peter, 1 book
Karl Heinz Kalb, 1 book
Herbert Barth, 1 book


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