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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Jung, 6 books
Andy Olsen, 5 books
Nancy B. Stern, 4 books
Robert A. Stern, 3 books
Stanley R. Trost, 3 books
John Maniotes, 3 books
David I. Schneider, 3 books
Microsoft Press, 3 books
Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati, 3 books
Brian Patterson, 3 books
Damon Allison, 3 books
Bill Heyman, 3 books
John Harrington, 3 books
James S. Quasney, 3 books
Steven Jones, 2 books
Jeff Kent, 2 books
Tom Fischer, 2 books
David Sussman, 2 books
Robin Dewson, 2 books
Brian Siler, 2 books
Evangelos Petroutsos, 2 books
Parker, 2 books
Schneider, 2 books
Karli Watson, 2 books
Billy Hollis, 2 books


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