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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Russell Hoban, 22 books
Brigitte Luciani, 7 books
Allan Frewin Jones, 5 books
Eve Bunting, 4 books
Mary Jane Begin, 3 books
Neal, Ernest G., 3 books
Brian Jacques, 3 books
Monica Kulling, 3 books
Cox, Paul, 3 books
Rosemary Wells, 3 books
Lucy Daniels, 3 books
Robin Muller, 3 books
Chris Ferris, 2 books
Phil Drabble, 2 books
Leigh Hobbs, 2 books
Matsutani, Miyoko, 2 books
Lillian Hoban, 2 books
Kenneth Grahame, 2 books
Hiawyn Oram, 2 books
Ernest G. Neal, 2 books
Derek Zobel, 2 books
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 2 books
Harris, Stephen, 1 book
Sigmund A. Lavine, 1 book
Gwen Schultz, 1 book


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