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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dana Simpson, 14 books
Sally Grindley, 10 books
Peter Firmin, 9 books
Roald Dahl, 9 books
Walt Disney Productions, 8 books
Laura McGee Kvasnosky, 7 books
Brigitte Luciani, 7 books
Eth Clifford, 7 books
James Marshall, 6 books
Edward Marshall, 6 books
Thornton W. Burgess, 5 books
Dave Sargent, 4 books
Ann Tompert, 4 books
Niimi, Nankichi, 4 books
Pat Hutchins, 4 books
Dr. Seuss, 4 books
Debi Gliori, 4 books
Tim Myers, 4 books
Alan Baron, 4 books
Tom McCaughren, 4 books
S. Jones Rogan, 4 books
Thomson, David, 3 books
Julia Rawlinson, 3 books
Eve Bunting, 3 books
Jean Craighead George, 3 books


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