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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Bradnock, 8 books
Roma Bradnock, 8 books
Sarina Singh, 5 books
Insight Guides, 4 books
Bradley Mayhew, 4 books
Paul Greenway, 3 books
Louise Nicholson, 3 books
Peter Davis, 3 books
Ansight Guides, 3 books
Richard Everist, 3 books
Bryn Thomas, 3 books
Richard Plunkett, 3 books
Nick Edwards, 3 books
Devdan Sen, 3 books
Teresa Cannon, 3 books
David Abram, 3 books
Tony Wheeler, 3 books
Paul Harding, 3 books
Robert W. Bradnock, 3 books
Mohamed Amin, 3 books
Simon Richmond, 2 books
David Collins, 2 books
Roberto Mantovani, 2 books
Royston Ellis, 2 books
Joshua Eliot, 2 books


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