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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ian Hamilton Finlay, 89 books
Johanna Drucker, 34 books
Laura Davidson, 28 books
Simon Cutts, 25 books
Russell Maret, 20 books
John McDowall, 18 books
Kitty Maryatt, 17 books
Elisabeth Tonnard, 17 books
Werner Pfeiffer, 17 books
Erica Van Horn, 17 books
Angela Lorenz, 17 books
Ross, John, 16 books
Clark, Thomas A., 13 books
Maria G. Pisano, 13 books
Michael Kuch, 13 books
Marshall Weber, 12 books
Keith A. Smith, 11 books
Campbell, Ken, 11 books
Edward Ruscha, 11 books
Giorgio Maffei, 10 books
Ewa Monika Zebrowski, 9 books
Maureen Cummins, 9 books
Lawrence Weiner, 9 books
John McGreal, 9 books
Jeffrey W. Morin, 9 books