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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Saul, 3 books
Wilkie Collins, 3 books
Gayle G. Roper, 3 books
Betsy Draine, 2 books
Smith, C. W., 2 books
Trevanian., 2 books
Geoffrey Simmins, 2 books
Nancy Gotter Gates, 2 books
Richard Courtney, 2 books
Du Yang, 2 books
Jill P. May, 2 books
Wilfrid Blunt, 2 books
Fang Wu, 2 books
Hangzhi Wu, 2 books
Tashadi., 1 book
Eugene Francis Kaelin, 1 book
Walter Womacka, 1 book
Nazrul Islam, 1 book
Omaprakāśa Caturvedī Parāga, 1 book
P. B. Zafaralla, 1 book
Fritz Alexander Kauffmann, 1 book
June Helmer, 1 book
Francis Musango, 1 book
Terrence Heath, 1 book
Hans Meyers, 1 book


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