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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bobbie Kalman, 21 books
Dave Sargent, 7 books
Heather Levigne, 7 books
Pat Sargent, 7 books
Kristin Van Cleaf, 5 books
Rebecca Sjonger, 4 books
Niki Walker, 4 books
Kelley Macaulay, 4 books
Christine Harder Tangvald, 3 books
Charles Fuge, 3 books
Pat Morris, 2 books
Richard Spilsbury, 2 books
Malcolm Penny, 2 books
Robin Kerrod, 2 books
Jill Bailey, 2 books
Barbara Taylor, 2 books
Vicki Churchill, 2 books
Karuna Thal, 2 books
Rhonda Klevansky, 2 books
Louise A. Spilsbury, 2 books
Michael Bright, 2 books
Alice Leedy Mason, 1 book
Nancy Field, 1 book
Christiane Duchesne, 1 book
Hollie J. Endres, 1 book


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