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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Singer, 6 books
Kim Socha, 3 books
Ingrid Newkirk, 2 books
Ken McClure, 2 books
Paola Cavalieri, 2 books
Joan Dunayer, 1 book
Sara Gruen, 1 book
Rhonda Lucas Donald, 1 book
United States, 1 book
Daniel T. Oliver, 1 book
Ronald T. Libby, 1 book
Nancy Day, 1 book
P. Michael Conn, 1 book
Paola Cavalieri, 1 book
Kelly Wand, 1 book
Lee Hall, 1 book
Diane L. Beers, 1 book
Margaret Sheffield Simon, 1 book
Dan Mathews, 1 book
Lora Stone, 1 book
David Pellow, 1 book
Guy Dauncey, 1 book
Dean Kuipers, 1 book
Penny Tripp, 1 book
Dave P. Workman, 1 book


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