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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen Richmond, 4 books
Harry L. Field, 3 books
Jonathan Whitlam, 3 books
Allan T. Condie, 2 books
J. Brownlee Davidson, 2 books
Leon Wilson Chase, 2 books
Vince, John, 2 books
Amalendu Chakraverty, 2 books
R. Paul Singh, 2 books
John Solie, 2 books
Brian Rukes, 1 book
Bell, Brian, 1 book
John Moffitt, 1 book
Clinton O. Jacobs, 1 book
Shaw & Sons Ltd., 1 book
Mac McDiarmid, 1 book
G. Renaud, 1 book
John Matthews, 1 book
John Farnworth, 1 book
Andy Kraushaar, 1 book
Jeff Hackett, 1 book
Sherry Schaefer, 1 book
Peter Schletty, 1 book
Neil Dahlstrom, 1 book
Jeremy Dahlstrom, 1 book


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