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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brenda Jackson, 24 books
Rochelle Alers, 17 books
Gwynne Forster, 14 books
Adrianne Byrd, 12 books
Dara Girard, 7 books
Monica McKayhan, 7 books
Elaine Overton, 7 books
Pamela Yaye, 7 books
Linda Hudson-Smith, 6 books
Marcia King-Gamble, 6 books
Donna Hill, 6 books
Hill, Donna, 6 books
Jess Mowry, 6 books
Angie Daniels, 5 books
Melanie Schuster, 5 books
Michelle Monkou, 5 books
Earl Sewell, 5 books
A. C. Arthur, 5 books
Maureen Smith, 5 books
Anita Bunkley, 5 books
Celeste O Norfleet, 5 books
Candice Poarch, 4 books
Carmen Green, 4 books
Janice Sims, 4 books
Robyn Amos, 4 books