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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
IEEE Aerospace & Electronics Systems Soc, 7 books
Yefim Gordon, 7 books
IEEE, 5 books
Mark Wagner, 4 books
Guy Norris, 4 books
Mark R. Wagner, 4 books
Austin J. Brown, 4 books
Michael J. Kroes, 3 books
Ralph D. Bent, 3 books
J. Seddon, 2 books
Norman Pealing, 2 books
Thomas W. Strganac, 2 books
Derrick Pratt, 2 books
Doug Richardson, 2 books
Gunter G. Endres, 2 books
David Brown, 2 books
ANDERSON, 2 books
James L. McKinley, 2 books
Ahmed K. Noor, 2 books
Ian Moir, 2 books
Mike Tooley, 2 books
Lloyd Dingle, 2 books
Rob Niewoehner, 2 books
BERTIN, 2 books
PERIAUX, 2 books


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