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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roch Côté, 3 books
Paul Marer, 2 books
Maya Kroumova, 2 books
Ratchik M. Avakov, 2 books
Nikolai Petrov, 2 books
Michael McFaul, 2 books
Michel Venne, 2 books
Richard Feinberg, 2 books
Maurice Ernst, 2 books
Joseph R. Blasi, 2 books
Douglas Kruse, 2 books
Anthony H. Cordesman, 2 books
Michael V. Alexeev, 2 books
Patrick Cockburn, 1 book
Guy D. D. Stanley, 1 book
James L. Nolan, 1 book
Zunaid Moola, 1 book
Normand Renaud, 1 book
Andrew Cockburn, 1 book
Edward G. Hinkelman, 1 book
Ashot Bleyan, 1 book
V. K. Kantor, 1 book
Mikk Titma, 1 book
Nancy Tuma, 1 book
David L. Gold, 1 book


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