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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Workman Publishing, 135 books
Workman Publishing Company Staff, 97 books
Workman, 42 books
Amy Pixton, 42 books
Irene Smit, 29 books
Astrid van der Hulst, 29 books
Steven Raichlen, 27 books
Editors of Flow magazine, 17 books
Pipsticks®+Workman®, 17 books
Rufus Butler Seder, 16 books
Ross Petras, 15 books
Heidi Murkoff, 15 books
Kathryn Petras, 15 books
Chris Welles Feder, 15 books
Anne Byrn, 13 books
Susan Bishay, 13 books
Sandra Boynton, 12 books
Sean Connolly, 11 books
Workman Workman Publishing, 11 books
Dan Kainen, 10 books
Audubon, 9 books
Jennifer S. Holland, 9 books
Maddie Frost, 9 books
Editors of Brain Quest, 9 books
David Schiller, 8 books

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