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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jean Pütz, 30 books
Kevin Williamson, 14 books
Nancy Holder, 14 books
Simon Hauser, 12 books
Uschi Flacke, 10 books
Dierk Heimann, 10 books
Carina Martinez, 10 books
Kordula Werner, 9 books
Ellen Norten, 9 books
Alexandra Raumer, 9 books
Gunther Vogel, 8 books
Joss Whedon, 8 books
Julian Steiger, 8 books
C. J. Anders, 8 books
Ulrieke Ruwisch, 7 books
Melinda Metz, 7 books
Jeff Mariotte, 6 books
Brenda Hampton, 6 books
Anja Ellermann, 6 books
Ronja Willmes, 6 books
Sabine Fricke, 5 books
Torsten Dewi, 5 books
Verena Drebing, 5 books
Maja Sonderbergh, 5 books
Wolfgang Hohlbein, 5 books

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