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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Treasure Hernandez, 20 books
Dwayne S. Joseph, 17 books
La Jill Hunt, 15 books
Brenda Hampton, 12 books
Roy Glenn, 12 books
Ashley, 12 books
Shelia M. Goss, 11 books
Keith Lee Johnson, 10 books
Darrien Lee, 10 books
Angel Hunter, 10 books
Chunichi, 10 books
Kendra Norman-Bellamy, 9 books
Michelle McGriff, 9 books
Eric Pete, 8 books
Vanessa Miller, 8 books
Brittani Williams, 8 books
Monique Miller, 8 books
E. N. Joy, 7 books
Nikki Turner, 6 books
Stephanie Johnson, 6 books
Keisha Ervin, 6 books
Thomas Long, 6 books
Sherri L. Lewis, 6 books
Brandi Johnson, 6 books
Karen Williams, 5 books


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