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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Arend Wieman, 13 books
A. J. Rolls, 12 books
Uncle Fez, 9 books
Edward Michel-Bird, 8 books
Alan Hines, 7 books
Anonymous, 7 books
Lynn Tolliver Jr., 7 books
Franco E. Scanloni, 6 books
Robert P. Robertson, 6 books
Christian-Eric Falardeau, 6 books
Sharleen Cooper Cohen, 6 books
Burt E. Pringle, 5 books
Domingo M. Perera, 5 books
Ben Romero, 5 books
Siegfried Bucher, 5 books
Ernie Palamarek, 5 books
David Payton, 5 books
Shirley Wagner, 5 books
Ryan Stoute, 5 books
Shirley Campbell Books, 5 books
Earle F. Zeigler, 4 books
Marion Wehmeyer, 4 books
Rebecca Hall, 4 books
Frank Senauth, 4 books
Henry Gans, 4 books

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