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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
A. M. Armitage, 9 books
Graham Rice, 7 books
Nichols, Beverley, 5 books
Michael Dirr, 5 books
Laura O. Foster, 5 books
Lorene Edwards Forkner, 5 books
C. Grey-Wilson, 5 books
Fritz Köhlein, 5 books
Mark Griffiths, 5 books
Marie Iannotti, 5 books
Simon Toomer, 4 books
Jeff Gillman, 4 books
Piet Oudolf, 4 books
Diana Grenfell, 4 books
Rick Darke, 4 books
Paul Aden, 4 books
Taylor, Patrick, 4 books
Tracy DiSabato-Aust, 4 books
Daniel E. Moerman, 4 books
Joyce Stewart, 4 books
Eric Grissell, 4 books
Debra Lee Baldwin, 4 books
Steven L. Stephenson, 4 books
Jeff Lowenfels, 3 books
Harold Koopowitz, 3 books

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