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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Georgette Livingston, 19 books
Jan McDaniel, 18 books
Lee Martin, 16 books
Jane McBride Choate, 16 books
Clifford Blair, 15 books
Alice Sharpe, 14 books
Kent Conwell, 11 books
Terrell L. Bowers, 9 books
Robin Gibson, 9 books
Kristin Hungenberg, 7 books
Howard Pelham, 6 books
Lynn Bulock, 6 books
Irene Hannon, 6 books
Charlene Bowen, 5 books
Diane Petit, 5 books
James A. Janke, 5 books
Alma Blair, 5 books
Louise Bergstrom, 5 books
Cathy Forsythe, 4 books
Susan Murray, 4 books
Helen Wingo, 4 books
Annette Mahon, 4 books
Lauren M. Phelps, 4 books
Karen Morrell, 4 books
Frances E. Wilson, 4 books

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