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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Upton Sinclair, 22 books
William A. Murrill, 12 books
Donald J. B. McAlister, 12 books
James Law, 11 books
John Brundle, 10 books
William Cobbett, 9 books
George Catlin, 8 books
John Green Sims, 8 books
Pascual Madoz, 8 books
Ruth Webb Lee, 7 books
John Michels, 7 books
J. J. Lane, 7 books
Ivor Waters, 7 books
H. E. Jaques, 6 books
John Kunkel Small, 6 books
Mathew Carey, 6 books
Albert Sherman Lee, 6 books
George Soulé, 6 books
D. J. Fader, 6 books
Donald Dean Parker, 5 books
Rydberg, Per Axel, 5 books
Henry Schenck Tanner, 5 books
Charles Frederick Kroeh, 5 books
Daniel Ricketson, 5 books
Tompkins, Daniel Augustus, 5 books

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