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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Joan Conquest, 7 books
Howard Rockey, 4 books
Richard Parker, 3 books
Victoria Cross, 3 books
Clem Yore, 3 books
Lois Bull, 3 books
E. S. Dorrance, 3 books
Lyon Mearson, 3 books
Maurice Leblanc, 3 books
Paul Evan Lehman, 3 books
May Edginton, 2 books
Frederick G. Eberhard, 2 books
H. L. Gates, 2 books
Milton Krims, 2 books
Howard Buck, 2 books
Marguerite Brener, 2 books
Page Philips, 2 books
J. Wesley Putnam, 2 books
Varick Vanardy, 2 books
James French Dorrance, 2 books
Emily Coddington Williams, 2 books
Frank Shay, 2 books
Harry Sinclair Drago, 2 books
Wallace Thurman, 2 books
Eduard von Keyserling, 2 books

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