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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Herbert R. Axelrod, 50 books
Anna Katherine Nicholas, 41 books
Beverly Pisano, 38 books
Jerry G. Walls, 28 books
John Coborn, 22 books
Dennis Kelsey-Wood, 20 books
Diane McCarty, 18 books
T F H Publications, 18 books
Mervin F. Roberts, 15 books
Martin Weil, 14 books
Liz Palika, 13 books
David E. Boruchowitz, 13 books
Richard F. Stratton, 13 books
Ernest H. Hart, 12 books
Risa Teitler, 11 books
Barrie, Anmarie., 11 books
Evelyn Miller, 11 books
Warren E. Burgess, 10 books
Diane Morgan, 10 books
Nikki Moustaki, 9 books
Morgan, Diane, 8 books
Paul R. Paradise, 8 books
Yuri Grigorovich, 8 books
Herbert Richards, 7 books
Herbert Axelrod, 7 books


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