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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jake Maddox, 114 books
Michael Dahl, 95 books
Scott Nickel, 42 books
Cari Meister, 36 books
Jonny Zucker, 35 books
Melinda Melton Crow, 32 books
Martin Powell, 24 books
Diana G. Gallagher, 22 books
B. A. Hoena, 21 books
Donald B. Lemke, 21 books
Steven Brezenoff, 21 books
Sean O'Reilly, 21 books
Anastasia Suen, 20 books
Martin Powell, 19 books
Karen Tayleur, 17 books
Robin Lawrie, 17 books
Peter Lancett, 14 books
Jason Strange, 14 books
J. Banscherus, 13 books
David Orme, 13 books
Scott Sonneborn, 12 books
Carl Bowen, 12 books
M. Zachary Sherman, 12 books
Jessica Sarah Gunderson, 11 books
Scott Ciencin, 11 books


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