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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jerome S. Arcaro, 6 books
Frank Voehl, 4 books
Chris Maser, 4 books
Carol A. Hacker, 3 books
Anita Cassidy, 3 books
Eli Schragenheim, 3 books
Jae K. Shim, 3 books
John Terninko, 2 books
J. A. Swift, 2 books
Michael McClellan, 2 books
Jerry W. Koehler, 2 books
Richard S. Weiner, 2 books
D. H. Stamatis, 2 books
Roth, William F., 2 books
Norton Paley, 2 books
Kevin McCormack, 2 books
William R. Tracey, 2 books
Lewis E. Losoncy, 2 books
Marlene Caroselli, 2 books
J.B. Jones, 2 books
Peter Madlem, 2 books
Peter Mears, 2 books
Stephen G. Haines, 2 books
Sharon La Bonde Hanks, 1 book
C. L. Campbell, 1 book


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