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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rosamunde Pilcher, 9 books
Rolf Hochhuth, 7 books
Klaus Mann, 6 books
José Saramago, 6 books
Ky, 6 books
Martin., 6 books
Hans Fallada, 6 books
Roald Dahl, 5 books
Elke Heidenreich, 5 books
Rendell, 4 books
Kurt Tucholsky, 4 books
Hansjorg Martin, 4 books
Rosler, 4 books
Tucholsky, 4 books
Christof Kehr, 4 books
Michaela Meyerhoff, 4 books
O'Sullivan, 4 books
Peter Høeg, 4 books
Albert Camus, 3 books
Jack Kerouac, 3 books
James Salter, 3 books
Martha Grimes, 3 books
Dexter, 3 books
JELINEK, 3 books
P. D. James, 3 books


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