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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Publications International, Ltd, 234 books
Publications International, 204 books
Sarah Toast, 54 books
Beatrix Potter, 38 books
Consumer Guide, 35 books
Lora Kalkman, 26 books
George Siede, 25 books
Carolyn Quattrocki, 24 books
Louis Weber, 21 books
Catherine McCafferty, 21 books
Jane Jerrard, 20 books
Jennifer Boudart, 17 books
Art Mawhinney, 17 books
International Publications, 17 books
Caleb Burroughs, 17 books
Dana Richter, 16 books
Disney Storybook Artists, 15 books
Debbie Mumm, 15 books
Various, 14 books
Campbell Soup Company, 14 books
James M. Flammang, 13 books
Equipo Editorial, 13 books
Jerry Tiritilli, 13 books
Renee Tawa, 13 books
Amy Adair, 12 books


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