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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Andrés Trapiello, 19 books
Tomás Segovia, 6 books
Ortiz, Fernando, 5 books
Giorgio Agamben, 5 books
Gilles Deleuze, 5 books
José Mateos, 5 books
Luis Antonio de Villena, 5 books
José A. Muñoz Rojas, 5 books
Juan Gil-Albert, 4 books
Darío Jaramillo Agudelo, 4 books
Roger Bartra, 4 books
Hugo Mujica, 4 books
Eduardo Gil Bera, 4 books
Luis Feria, 4 books
Juan Peña, 4 books
Peter Sloterdijk, 4 books
Moreno, Antonio, 4 books
Juan Bonilla, 4 books
Tomás Segovia, 4 books
Emilio Prados, 4 books
Eduardo Halfon, 3 books
Manuel Azaña, 3 books
Georges Bataille, 3 books
Juan Manuel Villalba, 3 books
Jacques Derrida, 3 books

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