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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
No name, 50 books
Michele Antoinette Paludi, 22 books
George Macesich, 21 books
Stephen J. Cimbala, 16 books
Robert Jackson Alexander, 16 books
Morton Wagman, 16 books
Charles W. Koburger, 14 books
Martin Kantor, 14 books
Walter Laqueur, 12 books
Michael Haas, 12 books
J. Harold Ellens, 12 books
George Lichtheim, 11 books
Seton-Watson, Hugh., 11 books
M. Keith Booker, 11 books
Dickson A. Mungazi, 11 books
n/a, 11 books
Nicholas V. Gianaris, 11 books
Mao Zedong, 11 books
Herbert Edward Read, 10 books
Ian Alexander Cameron, 10 books
David L. McKee, 10 books
Vincent LoBrutto, 10 books
Joseph Francis Zimmerman, 10 books
Richard I. Evans, 10 books
Werner J. Feld, 10 books

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