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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Mondo Publishing, 7 books
Sylvia M. James, 5 books
Margaret Yatsevitch Phinney, 5 books
n/a, 4 books
Diane Snowball, 3 books
Lyn Swanson-Natsues, 3 books
Elizabeth Claire, 3 books
Michael Rose Ramirez, 3 books
Felice Arena, 2 books
Sue Smith, 2 books
Lorraine Jean Hopping, 2 books
Marcia K. Vaughan, 2 books
Sharon Taberski, 2 books
Gene-Michael Higney, 2 books
Lynea Bowdish, 2 books
Sylvia James, 2 books
J. Richard, Ph.D. Gentry, 2 books
Shelley Harwayne, 2 books
Lucy Malka, 2 books
Mem Fox, 2 books
Scarlett Lovell, 2 books
Robyn Green, 2 books
Ann Garrett, 2 books
Mondo, 2 books
Jerome C. Harste, 1 book

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