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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Barbara Ehrenreich, 11 books
Chalmers A. Johnson, 9 books
Noam Chomsky, 7 books
Andrew J. Bacevich, 7 books
Michael Frayn, 6 books
Orlando Figes, 6 books
Colum McCann, 5 books
Emmanuel Carrère, 5 books
Joanna Kavenna, 4 books
Atul Gawande, 4 books
Caroline Fraser, 4 books
Stephen Dobyns, 4 books
Herta Müller, 4 books
Wolfgang Schivelbusch, 4 books
Michael T. Klare, 4 books
Eduardo Galeano, 4 books
Elizabeth Warren, 4 books
Götz Aly, 4 books
Greg Grandin, 4 books
Greg Grandin, 3 books
Joe Sacco, 3 books
Yael Hedaya, 3 books
Harold Brodkey, 3 books
Barbara Gowdy, 3 books
Michael Ignatieff, 3 books

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