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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Elaine Landau, 20 books
Nelson, Robin, 18 books
Laura Hamilton Waxman, 7 books
Buffy Silverman, 6 books
Nathan Aaseng, 6 books
Félix Kitroser, 6 books
Madeline Donaldson, 5 books
Cynthia Harnett, 4 books
Jane Sutcliffe, 4 books
Matt Doeden, 4 books
Kristin L. Nelson, 4 books
Jeffrey Zuehlke, 4 books
Arlene Erlbach, 4 books
Jeff Savage, 4 books
Sally M. Walker, 4 books
Rebecca Hogue Wojahn, 4 books
Kristin Sterling, 4 books
Sylvia A. Johnson, 4 books
Sheila Rivera, 3 books
Janet Piehl, 3 books
Stacy Taus-Bolstad, 3 books
Jennifer Boothroyd, 3 books
Thomas Streissguth, 3 books
Lisa Bullard, 3 books
Tom Carpenter, 3 books


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