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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Fernand Ouellette, 13 books
Royer, Jean, 11 books
Paul Chamberland, 10 books
Nicole Brossard, 10 books
Louise Warren, 9 books
Michel van Schendel, 9 books
Paul-Marie Lapointe, 9 books
Perrault, Pierre, 9 books
Jean Hallal, 8 books
Gilbert Langevin, 7 books
Gilles Cyr, 7 books
Pierre DesRuisseaux, 7 books
Pierre Ouellet, 6 books
Roland Giguère, 6 books
Jean Marcel, 5 books
Bélanger, Marcel, 5 books
Gilbert Choquette, 5 books
Michel Beaulieu, 5 books
Martine Audet, 5 books
Robbert Fortin, 5 books
Marcel Rioux, 5 books
Gaston Miron, 4 books
Paul Zumthor, 4 books
Claude Haeffely, 4 books
Gérald Godin, 4 books

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