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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
No name, 60 books
James M. Humber, 46 books
Robert F. Almeder, 40 books
Kursad Turksen, 35 books
Alan A. Boulton, 29 books
Glen B. Baker, 25 books
Lawrence K. Wang, 23 books
John M. Walker, 22 books
Ronald R. Watson, 21 books
Yung-Tse Hung, 16 books
Victor R. Preedy, 16 books
M. Eric Gershwin, 13 books
P. Michael Conn, 12 books
Wolfgang Walz, 12 books
Michael Tsokos, 12 books
Rocky S. Tuan, 10 books
Adrianne Bendich, 10 books
Brian H. Davison, 10 books
Vinood B. Patel, 10 books
Kewal K. Jain, 9 books
Norman J. Temple, 9 books
Ronald Ross Watson, 9 books
Aristidis Veves, 9 books
Ralph Rapley, 9 books
Beverly A. Teicher, 8 books

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