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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Darwin Porter, 85 books
Danforth Prince, 71 books
Automobile Association (Great Britain), 17 books
Jeanette Foster, 17 books
Karl Samson, 16 books
David Baird, 16 books
Suzy Gershman, 13 books
Lynne Bairstow, 13 books
Don Laine, 13 books
Barbara Laine, 12 books
George McDonald, 10 books
Mary Herczog, 10 books
Eric Peterson, 9 books
Beth Reiber, 9 books
Eliot Greenspan, 8 books
Matthew Richard Poole, 8 books
Shane Christensen, 8 books
Erika Lenkert, 7 books
Heidi Sarna, 7 books
Lesley Abravanel, 7 books
Shawn Blore, 7 books
Laura Lea Miller, 6 books
Lee Mylne, 6 books
Neil E. Schlecht, 6 books
Matt Hannafin, 6 books


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