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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jonny Zucker, 3 books
Royal Horticultural Society, 3 books
Jocasta Innes, 3 books
Janet Mendel, 2 books
Penelope Hobhouse, 2 books
Niki Daly, 2 books
Debra N. Mancoff, 2 books
David Stevens, 2 books
Michael Shire, 2 books
Roger Tabor, 2 books
Mary Hoffman, 2 books
Tony Lord, 2 books
Sri Owen, 2 books
Wilfrid Blunt, 2 books
Joan Clifton, 2 books
Chris Baines, 1 book
Pauline Baynes, 1 book
Barbara Dale, 1 book
Hazel Evans, 1 book
Allen Paterson, 1 book
Averil Clegg, 1 book
Pam Lewis, 1 book
Michael Paul, 1 book
Marion Ripley, 1 book
Edward Mornin, 1 book


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