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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Barry Denyer-Green, 98 books
Navjit Ubhi, 55 books
Estates Gazette, 17 books
J Muir Watt, 17 books
Richard Parry, 10 books
W. A. Leach, 7 books
R. D. Wood, 6 books
Benaiah W. Adkin, 6 books
Hazel Marshall, 6 books
Leslie Blake, 5 books
David Lamming, 5 books
Victor Vegoda, 5 books
Keith Davies, 4 books
William Alexander West, 4 books
Tony Johnson, 4 books
Peter Prag, 4 books
Phil Askham, 4 books
Austen Imber, 4 books
Andrew Baum, 4 books
Philip Bowcock, 3 books
David M. Lawrance, 3 books
Duncan Marshall, 3 books
John Murdoch, 3 books
Natalie Bayfield, 3 books
Alan F Millington, 3 books


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