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Diamond Farm Book Pubns Publisher - 75 works / 0 ebooks

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Editions Published
Year of Publication
None found.


published most by this publisher
J. Batty, 3 books
Katie Thear, 3 books
Eddie Straiton, 2 books
Henry Brewis, 2 books
Norman Barron, 2 books
Paul Heiney, 2 books
Tom Ryder, 1 book
Bell, Brian, 1 book
Otha Donner Wearin, 1 book
Meg Brown, 1 book
Leon Goodman, 1 book
Keith Thornton, 1 book
Terry Keegan, 1 book
Graham Boatfield, 1 book
John Coborn, 1 book
H. Smith, 1 book
J. Blake, 1 book
John G. Matthews, 1 book
Caroline Douglas, 1 book
Coulton, 1 book
Dennis Soden, 1 book
Anne Norris, 1 book
F. W. H. Elsley, 1 book
Eddie Staiton, 1 book
Johnathan Brown, 1 book


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