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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Eric Frank Russell, 11 books
Irving Adler, 8 books
Nicholas Stuart Gray, 6 books
Gerard Hoffnung, 4 books
Frederik Pohl, 4 books
I. G. Edmonds, 3 books
Duncan Taylor, 3 books
Norman Demuth, 3 books
Isaac Asimov, 3 books
Margaret Ruthin, 3 books
Young, Percy M., 3 books
Janosch, 3 books
Ted Shawn, 2 books
Irvin Block, 2 books
Benchley, Robert, 2 books
Marie Seton, 2 books
Klaus Mann, 2 books
Wallace Fowlie, 2 books
Siegfried Kracauer, 2 books
Jill Chaney, 2 books
Rees, David, 2 books
Balachandra Rajan, 2 books
Poul Anderson, 2 books
Leo Lionni, 2 books
Eleanore M. Jewett, 2 books


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