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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Willem Frederik Hermans, 59 books
Hugo Claus, 56 books
Remco Campert, 43 books
Harry Mulisch, 39 books
Simon Vestdijk, 31 books
Gerrit Komrij, 17 books
Jan Wolkers, 16 books
Marten Toonder, 16 books
Cees Nooteboom, 15 books
Louis Ferron, 14 books
Sybren Polet, 14 books
Bert Schierbeek, 13 books
J. A. Deelder, 13 books
Nicolaas Matsier, 12 books
Erwin Mortier, 12 books
Ivo Michiels, 11 books
Leo Pleysier, 10 books
Hugo Raes, 10 books
Gust Gils, 10 books
Cornelis Buddingh', 10 books
Simon Vinkenoog, 9 books
Jacques Hamelink, 9 books
Paul Claes, 9 books
Jan Siebelink, 9 books
L. Th Lehmann, 8 books

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