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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Noel Perrin, 4 books
Dubus, Andre, 3 books
Hiley, Michael., 2 books
Henry David Thoreau, 2 books
Barbara P. Norfleet, 2 books
Mark Silber, 2 books
Aharon Appelfeld, 2 books
John Hollander, 2 books
Gavin Maxwell, 2 books
Donald Hall, 2 books
Robert A. Sobieszek, 2 books
Gail Mazur, 2 books
Nancy Bubel, 2 books
West, Benjamin, 1 book
Olivia Parker, 1 book
Andrew Lang, 1 book
Sarah Kemble Knight, 1 book
Barrow, John Sir, 1 book
William Plomer, 1 book
Hugh McLeave, 1 book
Eric Gill, 1 book
Gerald W. R. Ward, 1 book
Allen Mandelbaum, 1 book
Herbert Simon, 1 book
Frances Perry, 1 book

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